One thought on “Video: The Pentagon’s grip on Hollywood

  1. delia ruhe

    *Act of Valor* looks as if it would appeal to the “blowing shit up” crowd — in other words, a recruitment film.

    What I’ve found is that these millitainment films are usually unwatchable. Take *Pearl Harbor* for example. All those beautiful FX wasted on a film so painfully boring I couldn’t make it to the end.

    If *Hurt Locker* is any indication — another film I can’t get into — Kathryn Bigelow will make a perfect shill for the Pentagon.

    And I say this as a fan of military films — especially navy films: *Hunt for Red October* and *Crimson Tide* are films I’ve watched several times. But my favourite of all is *Under Siege* with Steven Segal and Tommy Lee Jones. The military is hardly heroic in that film — but there’s lots of explosions for the adolescent males. Mostly I like these films because they’re send-ups of masculinity — something Schwartzenneger does so beautifully.

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