One thought on “Video: Palestinians from Syria flee to Jordan

  1. Trond

    When Israel was in Palestine’s land: Let my people return,
    Oppressing so hard they could not party any harder, Let my People return…

    Go down, Arafat,
    Way down in your own land,
    Tell old Nuttyahoo,
    To let his people go all the way back to Poland (And also to change his name back to Mileikowsky.)

    Go home nutty. (And take with you the comatose killer)
    Let our people return…

    Or just be honest and change the name of your terror state to ‘Polonium 210’….

    ‘Polonium 210’ = the only democratic apartheid ethnochracy in the middle east and the world and also all the universes in the kosmosessseeesss.

    The holy polonium.

    All the other 32 polonium isotopes must be self-hating poloniums…

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