4 thoughts on “Video: Robert Fisk on the Damascus blast

  1. Fedup21

    Hopefully, Assad recognizes that his time is definitely coming to an end and settles with the rebels/revolutionaries. Otherwise, he may share the same fate as Gaddafi.

    This does not look likely at the moment, but it would be great if the bloodshed ceased entirely in the near future. Here’s to hoping.

  2. Paul Woodward

    I wouldn’t be a constant believer in anyone’s work, nor attach too much weight to endorsements or disavowals.

    Readers here may not realize that I discard a massive amount of material every day as I pick and choose news items and commentary that I select to appear here. I don’t choose any of it on the basis of the byline.

    I neither read everything Robert Fisk writes nor watch all his interviews and what I do review, more often than not, I don’t repost.

    What I do and would recommend to anyone else is pay more attention to what is being said than who is saying it. No one’s word is the gospel truth.

  3. Joe

    Agreed Paul, my wording was careless — a ‘constant believer’ is an absurd phrase. ( I hadn’t had my morning coffee! ) and you are also right that it good to be on guard regarding disavowals.

    My point is, I once found him very impressive and very informative — his ‘Pity the Nation’ study of Lebanon is excellent — but Angry Arab’s criticism is well directed and well founded I think, and for me at least, puts his current work in a new context.

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