The latest information from the Syrian Arab News Agency

Maybe it’s just a temporary network glitch, but the fact that the state-run SANA website is currently (6.30AM US Eastern) unavailable provides yet another hint that the government is struggling to retain its grip on power. Likewise, the fact that Bashar al-Assad has not publicly uttered a word since three members of his inner circle lost their lives on Wednesday, casts further doubt on his ability to remain in power.

Today, Syrian state TV confirmed that intelligence chief Hisham Ikhtiar has died from wounds suffered in Wednesday’s bombing.

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3 thoughts on “The latest information from the Syrian Arab News Agency

  1. cspoleta

    Up now (10:17 EST). Paul why are you so impatient to bomb Syria? Compare what happened in Iraq.

    On one side we have Sadam’s megalomania and his unspeakable crimes; on the other we have the human cost of the prewar UN oil sanctions, the million “surplus deaths” reported by the Lancet, the hideous ethnic cleansing of Bagdad, and the creation of millions of expatriate refugees – who lost everything.

    I almost forgot to mention that we generously we healed the traditional emnity between Iraq and Iran, to the point that Iraq is now more closely aligned with Iran, than with U.S.

    I don’t claim the outcome will be exactly the same in Syria. What I do claim is that the United States is reckless, and callous, about destroying the lives of “nonwhite” people. They’re just collateral damage. We condone these things at our own risk.

    Unlike Madeleine Albright I don’t consider that the cost is “worth it”.

  2. Paul Woodward

    cspoleta — If you took the trouble to read what I’ve written or examined the commentary on this site, you would be aware that there has not been a single instance in which I or anyone I have cited has advocated bombing Syria.

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