Assad using cluster bombs on Syrian civilians, says Human Rights Watch

International Business Times reports: Human Rights Watch has confirmed for the first time claims that the Syrian government has used cluster bombs against its civillian population during the 17-month conflict.

“We have been able to verify the use of cluster bombs,” Nadim Houry, regional Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch, told the International Business Times in Beirut, Lebanon.

The verification comes before the third meeting of states parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, to be held in Oslo, Norway, on September 11.

Houry added that there was no evidence of cluster bomb use in the ongoing major clashes in Syria’s biggest city and commercial hub, Aleppo.

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2 thoughts on “Assad using cluster bombs on Syrian civilians, says Human Rights Watch

  1. La vérité

    People in power in the Syrian Govt have committed horrendous crimes against Syrian people which is never to be questioned.
    However, one needs to keep in mind, The Rebels/Opposition/Syrian Free Army have been guilty of committing atrocities too.
    There will be no resolution to what is taking place in Syria by means of violence……the innocents, as always will suffer. The ONLY solution is for both sides to sit down and talk and negotiate a peace deal.

  2. canobs

    _____HumanRightsWatch is a Soros sponsored organization, so will say any pro-west lie, without any proof___Anyway, be shure that if a no-fly zone is voted, NATO will use cluster bombs__Then, would be considered common practice, and the civilians killed called collateral damage, so again, propaganda inventions.

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