Twitter — the new opium of the people?

At first glance, the statistics on Twitter use across the Arab world suggest that there is an inverse relationship between tweeting and revolution. With the exception of Bahrain, Twitter activity appears to be at its greatest among the unrevolutionary Gulf states.

The numbers used for this infographic come from the Dubai School of Government’s Arab Social Media Report and, as far as I can tell, their statistics are gathered simply on a country-by-country basis. For that reason, the numbers for the Gulf states need to be viewed with some caution since most of these countries have large and in some cases majority non-national populations. In other words a proportion of Gulf tweeters (who knows how large) are foreigners most of whom are likely to be politically disengaged by default — these are people who live in the Gulf to make money, not foment social change.

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Twitter Active Users in Arab World - English

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