2 thoughts on “Joe Klein: Israel’s effort to push the U.S. to war and interfere in the election is ‘absolutely outrageous and disgusting’

  1. delia ruhe

    I commend Klein for this straightforward condemnation of Bibi’s attempt to interfere and manipulate the election to get his war on. I also commend him for resisting the premises of the Bibi-originating “worst case scenario,” which is nothing but a holocaust-mongering fantasy. This is a big deal for Klein, as he often leans in favour of Israel’s flaunting of international law.

  2. Norman

    Interesting video. There should be more education toward the American public in this regard. The one person who seemed to want an answer to his hypothetical, also seems to be drinking the kool-aid of the warmongering faction. In the end, it’s the innocent civilian population who suffer, not the people who create the situation, certainly not the warmongers, who are profiting in some way, shape, or form. The average American is feeling the effects also in all these wars today, will really feel the effects if Israel is successful in goading the “O” to go along with the madness.

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