Netanyahu draws a red line — with a marker pen — on a cartoon bomb

Benjamin Netanyahu must be a happy man. He’s been yearning to draw a red line and now, in front of an assembly of world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly, he’s done just that.

Here’s Bibi with bomb:

Bibi's bomb

And here comes the red marker pen. Voila! A red line has been drawn.

Bibi's red line

There’s a fitting irony at a time when Muslims get mocked because a few among their ranks get irate about cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, that one of the arch demonizers of Islam, Benjamin Netanyahu, would allow a cartoon bomb to blow up in his face.

The Israeli prime minister even managed to embarrass one of his most reliable American defenders, Jeffrey Goldberg:

Still, Netanyahu can’t take all the blame. He had accomplices in this bomb-making event. An artist was employed. Perhaps there was a meeting of Netanyahu’s inner cabinet. The graphic was displayed. The assembled all agreed: this’ll show the world.

Darn right! But maybe it didn’t signal the intended message.

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5 thoughts on “Netanyahu draws a red line — with a marker pen — on a cartoon bomb

  1. Norman

    With levity, can the the men in white suits and butterfly nets be far behind? The pressure[s] of the job has gotten to him-Bibi-the salesman. If this display doesn’t convince the world to pull away from the brink of what just may be a disaster for not only the M.E., but perhaps the world, then maybe everyone else is nuts too!

  2. est

    it’s like i tell my brother
    [one of them]

    ‘if you ever touch me,
    you better kill me,

    ’cause your life is
    gonna be hell,

    from thereon in.’
    – same principle-

  3. henry

    It seems pretty clear that Iran is trying to obtain nuclear weapons. And it seems equally clear that some powerful interests do not want that to happen. I think we are very close to war. And Iran is not going to win that war. But it will be a mess.

  4. Chet

    Netanyahoo is a comical thug who wants the U.S. to do his nation’s dirty work. He reminds one of Kruschev making a fool of himself pounding the podium at the U.N.

    There is no evidence that Iran has even decided to pursue a nuclear weapon. U.S. intelligence agencies have made this assessment and Mossad agrees with their conclusions. So why do we have the severe sanctions on Iran?

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