Turkish pilots killed by Assad, not crash: leaked documents

The Saudi-owned Al Arabiya might not be the most reliable source, but if the following story is genuine, Turkey’s role in the war in Syria may be about to significantly escalate.

As political tensions mount between neighboring Syria and Turkey, newly-leaked Syrian intelligence documents obtained by Al Arabiya disclose shocking claims shedding light on the dreadful fate of two Turkish Air Force pilots.

Contrary to what was publically claimed, the documents reveal that the pilots survived the crash, but were later executed by the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad!

This disclosure is the first in a series of revelations based on a number of newly-leaked and highly classified Syrian security documents which will be aired in a special program produced by Al Arabiya over the next two weeks; the channel’s English portal – http://english.alarabiya.net – will be carrying a subtitled version of the program on daily basis as well as publishing downloadable copies of the leaked documents.

The documents were obtained with the assistance of members of the Syrian opposition who refused to elaborate on how they laid hand on the documents.

Al Arabiya said that it has verified and authenticated hundreds of these documents and that it is has decided to disclose the ones with substantial news value and political relevance. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Turkish pilots killed by Assad, not crash: leaked documents

  1. Gantal

    As you say, Al Arabiya is unreliable, and the Syrian rebels are vastly less reliable. It’s BS. The pilot was worth far more to Tehran alive than dead. Remember Gary Powers?

  2. Norman

    Never ceases to amaze the P.R. coming out of the M.E. today. U.S. intelligence resembles the “keystone cops”, changing their official story as much as Romney flip flops on issues. With all the characters that are playing in this “KABUKI” performance, it’s a wonder they can get anything straight. The slope that a declining empire slides, becomes steeper as time goes on. As I’ve said before, justice would be served if everyone of those who pontificate on the subject of waging war, be put into uniform and sent to do battle forthwith. All those so called think tanks in D.C. and surroundings, well, you get the picture.

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