Netanyahu: Israeli strike on Iran nuclear plants will only serve to calm Mideast

Haaretz reports: An Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities won’t destabilize the Middle East, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview to a French magazine on Tuesday, adding, moreover, that such a move would only serve to restore security in the region.

“Five minutes after [an attack], contrary to what the skeptics say, I think a feeling of relief will spread across the region,” Netanyahu told Paris Match, adding: “Iran isn’t popular in the Arab world, far from it. Some governments in the region, as well as their citizens, have understood that a nuclear-armed Iran would be dangerous for them, not just for Israel.”

The premier’s interview, one to which he gave much importance, was geared at influencing public opinion in France ahead of his visit to the country on Wednesday.

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4 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Israeli strike on Iran nuclear plants will only serve to calm Mideast

  1. Norman

    One can only speculate what the response might be if Israel strikes Iran’s Nuclear centers and the results are Tel Avie receives the same. What then from the war monger? How many innocent civilians will die for the madness?

  2. rosemerry

    A fantasist who is also paranoid, now linked closely to Avigdor Lieberman’s party, continues his twenty year crusade against a country which attacks nobody, while he sits on 200 or more nukes and the USA-provided “qualitative military edge”. Has there never been any attempt in Israel for it to act rationally, fairly and sensibly and try to have some interaction with its “enemies” by considering them as humans as well?

  3. delia ruhe

    rosemerry, Israel has never had a goal of integration into, and cooperation with the rest of the Middle East — at least, not since Jabotinsky reshaped Zionism with his Iron Wall ideology. The Iron Wall rests upon the idea of white Western civilization vs. the barbarians of the Middle East who understand only the language of violence.

    Israel’s ambitions go beyond the borders of Greater Israel — which is why Bibi is making such a fuss about the possibility of a nuclear capable Iran. An Iran that cannot be militarily attacked stands in the way of Israel’s regional hegemony. And it’s not just the West Bank that Israel has always coveted, but the East Bank as well. And southern Lebanon. And a nice slice of Egypt too.

    That’s the modest version of Israel’s territorial ambitions. If you hang around Israel much, you’re bound to hear stories about extending the boundaries of modern Israel up to the boundaries of ancient Israel — which means right across to the Euphrates river.

    Acquisition of any of these properties — the modest or grandiose version — would be vastly complicated, were Israel and Iran in a regional Cold War.

  4. est

    if knowledge means to know
    and ignorance means to ignore

    once you know what the truth is
    what can you be fighting for?

    we fight for understanding
    in a world that’s full of fear

    it’s not the unknown that might kill us
    but the known so close and near

    if we’ve taken a bite [from the fruit]
    of the tree of knowledge
    [against the best of advice]

    we’ll be cast out of the garden
    and into an endless night

    and if we don’t stop them
    cain will kill abel

    and this play will
    come ’round again

    i’m not alone
    when i ask ‘my lord’
    will this ever end ?

    not till we see
    all men are brothers
    [that includes the sisters too]

    and we treat each other like our mothers
    the way our father would do

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