One thought on “Video: Should progressives vote for Obama or third parties in swing states?

  1. BillVZ

    once again my apologies for this late response.
    In our family voting in elections meant you support that person to carry out the wishes of those who vote him/her into office. The government as I learned was for the people: it gives a basis of security, and prosperity that can be established for all—regardless of station, race, or creed.
    The four years of the Obama administration have been a disaster; I’ll spare a rehash of the political misfortunes of the president and his party has brought to the nation and submit my opinion and reason for not voting for him.
    It is personal. As a human Mr. Obama lied as much as or more than just a politician. He used his long time spiritual adviser and friend Rev. Wright for political reasons and then without hesitation abandoned him and his own religious principles. He, without hesitation, formed his cabinet with the very same folks GW and his gang had for 8 years immediately on taking office. He stood before AIPAC leaders and convention participants and gave the most despicable line of brown nosing, in the name of the American people, I have ever heard.
    I cannot support him as a person or his position in office.
    Neither candidate wants to govern. As Molly Ivins said “they want to rule.”
    6 November it all will begin to unfold…so be it!

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