Egypt’s political forces call on Morsi to ‘freeze’ all relations with Israel

Al Ahram reports: Egypt’s political forces, including the majority Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), demand the Egyptian government and president immediately move to revise the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty amid Israel’s ongoing onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

They also call on the Arab League to activate the joint Arab Defence Treaty and for the Egyptian government and all Arab and Islamic governments to take immediate punitive action to stop Israel’s sustained attack on Palestinians in Gaza.

After nearly five hours of discussions at the headquarters of the FJP, during a meeting dubbed “Emergency parties meeting to support Gaza,” a lengthy joint statement was issued by all attendees.

The statement began by expressing condolences for the martyrs of Gaza killed in the Israeli assault that it described as a flagrant violation of international law and charters.

FJP President Mohamed Saad Al-Katatni, who headed the meeting, read the statement: “Revolutionary Egypt is no longer a strategic treasure for the enemy and is now biased to and supportive of Arab citizens everywhere, especially the Palestinians. Political parties and forces call on the Egyptian government to take concrete steps to stop the Zionist assault on the besieged Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. They welcomed President Mohamed Morsi’s decision to withdraw Egypt’s ambassador from the occupation state.”

Political forces also called on Morsi to “freeze all relations with the Zionist entity, whether diplomatic, political, economic or security, and leave the Rafah border crossing permanently open. They urge Arab and Islamic governments and international organisations to take punitive measures against the Zionist enemy to end the assault on Gaza,” according to the statement.

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