Thousands fill Tahrir on Friday to protest Morsi’s new ‘dictatorial powers’

Al Ahram reports: By Friday night, the number of the protesters, who began arriving in Tahrir Square for ‘Eyes of Freedom’ Friday throughout the morning, had reached tens of thousands after rallies from Talaat Harb Street, Shubra, Sayyida Zeinab, and Mustafa Mahmoud Square in Giza reached Tahrir.

While many protesters had started leaving the square, others were just arriving.

For one, Ultras football fans arrived in torrents at sundown, adding thousands to the square.

Protesters chanted “The people want to topple the regime,” “Do not be afraid, Morsi has to leave,” and “Down with the Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide.”

Over 30 opposition political groups took part in the protest. Their demands include the dismissal of Morsi’s cabinet, prosecuting police officers responsible for killing and injuring protesters, and a purge and restructuring of the police.

However, a new Constitutional Declaration announced by president Mohamed Morsi on Thursday altered the focus of the expected rallies.

The declaration gained the ire of liberal and leftist forces across the country who charge that the president has awarded himself dictatorial powers since the new rules stipulate that no presidential decision taken since 30 June when he assumed office can be appealed.

The declaration also angered many Egyptians since it shields the Islamist-dominated Constituent Assembly and Shura Council (upper house of parliament) from possible dissolution by pending court orders.

A video appearing at the Telegraph shows demonstrators at the headquarters of the Brotherhood’s political front, the Freedom and Justice Party, in Alexandria:

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