One thought on “Video: Israel and Palestine, an animated introduction

  1. Norman

    21st Century thinking. Who would have thought that this video would be made by Jews? Or have I missed something here? I read a piece earlier today that portrays the present situation between Jews as Zionists against other Jews, starting in Europe, even that some of the survivors of the Nazis-Zionists- were in fact, working to eradicate those secular Jews. The present Zionist actions against the Palestinians, match the Ghettoizing the Nazis perpetrated on the Jews in WWII, save for the extermination camps. Sounds ugly, but has a ring of truth to it. The sad part involved, is the apartheid attitude of the rabid settlers as well as the I.D.F. One wonders just how long the present stance will last, without the destruction of Israel whether by outside forces or from within.

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