Egypt: Opposition parties organize against draft constitution

Al-Masry Al-Youm: Opposition parties and movements are preparing for the constitutional referendum on 15 December, with the April 6 Youth Movement mobilizing voters to reject the draft while the National Salvation Front will decide Tuesday if it would call for a boycott or a “no” vote.

April 6 launched the “Your Constitution Does Not Represent Us” campaign on Monday to educate citizens on the failures of the draft constitution and the dangers of rushing into a national referendum.

The movement urged citizens to vote against the new constitution on 15 December.

Movement member Engy Hamdy said in a statement that the campaign aims to mobilize the largest possible number of voters against the constitution, because “it contravenes the revolution’s demands for pluralism, power transition and social justice.”

“Ours is a counter-campaign to that of the Islamists,” she added. “They use religious slogans to manipulate the feelings of the masses.”

“We want a constitution that represents all Egyptians,” Hamdy continued.

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