The Jewish police state

Amira Hass reports: The Shin Bet security service includes among its activities something it calls “delegitimization.” At least that’s what one can infer from a Shin Bet operative’s statements to a left-wing activist, Dr. Kobi Snitz, who was summoned for interrogation on Wednesday. The Shin Bet didn’t respond to Haaretz’s request to define “delegitimization” or to state how activities against it come under its purview, or under which section of which law.

Snitz, 41, is a mathematician employed by the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. He was summoned for questioning by the Shin Bet for the first time two years ago. This time, “at the Rehovot police station there was the same Rona from last year,” Snitz said, referring to a Shin Bet investigator who has questioned and/or warned several left-wing activists.

Snitz has been taking part in demonstrations by Palestinian villagers against the West Bank separation fence for more than 13 years. He is also an active member of the Israeli organization Boycott From Within, which supports the Palestinian call for a boycott on Israel, divestment and sanctions.

“There was someone with Rona called, if I’m not mistaken, Mati, and he said he was a director or head of a department. He didn’t say which department, but I assume it was the Jewish department. He said he was currently working on the extreme left and delegitimization.

“Their behavior, in my experience and that of other activists who have told me about their interrogations, is fairly standard. The only new twist I noticed was the inclusion of ‘delegitimization.’ I didn’t ask what that meant, because I said in advance I wouldn’t talk or enter into any kind of discussion with them. Mati didn’t mention Boycott From Within but spoke generally about demonstrations that require a permit.

“He said soldiers had been injured and that I allegedly take part in violent demonstrations. He threatened me, more or less, saying he has been hearing my name too often and that if I don’t stop they’ll use far less pleasant means – he didn’t specify the means – and that they would put me on trial.”

Unlike Mati, Rona read from a printed sheet, “as though she were reading from the Torah,” said Snitz. “She handwrote on a page and read it to me: ‘We at the Shin Bet are following your activities; this is a democracy, but if one breaks the law … we will not let you break the law.'” [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “The Jewish police state

  1. Norman

    They must be getting uneasy when they engage in these type of tactics. Intimidation, do as we say, or else. The jockeying of position’s has begun in earnest it seems. Who knows what side will come out on top? The internal rot is recognized, where it leads to, remains to be seen. Overplaying the hands by those at the top, can and probably lead to the dock when the tribunal begins. Can’t say that they don’t deserve it, as they have continually spit in the face of human rights, far too many years now.

  2. DE Teodoru

    There is a way of distinguishing who is running Israel at the infrastructural level:

    If it’s the Zionazis, look for police action on intellectuals and Palestinians like that of the Nazis towards the Left and the Jews.
    If it’s the Soviets, look for police actions a la Stalin towards these groups.

    The changes may be subtle and Israel still has time to escape into the real Zionist light of its Founding Fathers who were at least bothered by their abusive tendencies and obsessions with following the only models they knew: Hitler of Stalin. Of course, until recently, too many Israeli Sabras and Europeans would not allow racism and paranoia to have their way, no matter how dangerous the environment. But that generation is gone and their Sabra children have in large part moved to the West, unwilling to look back on the nation that so betrayed its nature. Shin Bet and the military domestically and Mossad abroad will tell us in the Hitlerites or Stalinists won by how they behave. For their behavior depends on the will of power. It’s not too late as the nature of the people who gave us Jesus Christ never changed through centuries in the Diaspora. The issue is the few that out of fear of the Nazis want to create a Zionazi state and the crooks from the USSR want to create a Stalinist state. Both are police states but both cannot cohabitate as they represent contending corrupt interests with massive bank account of US and Diaspora cash aid. We’ll see now that Israelis realize that the myth of “Super Jew” can no longer be imagined for Arabs are no longer running but standing and fighting. Twice Dayan broke down and almost used nukes in his panic as Minister of Defense. The steel rod od the “Super Jew” is predicated on the trembling Arab that exists no more. For now, to adapt to the Arabs that fight back, the IDF has opted for keeping its mythical super paratroopers in the rear, using massive air bombardment of population centers in Arab lands and focusing its nukes on condensed population centers in the Muslim World. But whatever the IDF in collaboration with the Zionazis and Stalinists does it has to face three things:
    1) Muslims ready to die in defense or revenge
    2) An Israeli population that, despite its panic, cannot overcome its Jewish moral traditions to accommodate to Hitlerisms or Stanisms.
    3) An America that can no longer affor past largess and is increasingly disgusted by the repeated panic of the only nuclear power in the Middle East.

    So, in conclusion, what you see today you will NOT see for much longer. Israel will rise again from the ashes of corruption and militarism. Stay tuned.

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