2 thoughts on “Racism in Israel: In with the New Year, out with the Africans

  1. rosemerry

    How ironic that the young local Jews trying to expel Africans keep on about “I was born here”as if that mattered, when their country spends a fortune enticing and installing Jews from anywhere else in the country, while the real Palestinian owners are pushed aside.

  2. KPRyan

    Oh come on!

    Israel was set aside for the Jews by GOD! There’s no room for a pile of darkies to pretend to be jews and jump into Israel! GOD HATES BLACK AFRICANS! Why would HE want them in HIS own country?? Bad enough these dumbass Christian Zionists travel to Israel from Texas and pretend they’re ‘chosen’…. Ha! They’re Xion! Hardly Chosen, except to be exterminated at the will of the True Chosen!!

    Israel needs to be the real HOLY LAND. JEWS ONLY!!! Time those Palestinians (I heard from Rabbi Goldpearl there were never ANY ”’palestinians”’ in Israel until early in the 20th century when the word got out that Britain was doing their good deed and soon to create Israel proper and all these phony Mooslems moved in… hoping to live off the sweat of the Jew, no doubt) hit the road and moved to … somewhere… how about the USA?!?!

    Thank God for the Jew. My stock in Lockheed wouldn’t be worth 2 cents if Israel wasn’t around today!

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