3 thoughts on “Video: The Zero Dark Thirty controversy

  1. eugene

    Forty odd yrs ago, I realized what Vietnam was really about, the extensive use of torture and the widespread killing of civilians, I lost all faith, trust and belief in America. Since that time, I have viewed us as brutal and violent as any nation. I saw we are not a democratic nation and the will of the people has little, if anything, to do with government. We talk about the will of the people but that is easily manipulated by a, largely, propaganda spouting press. Voting is a charade to create the illusion that we matter. In some ways, it has simplified my life. I did not have to debate about Iraq, I knew what was going on from the get go.

    To me the movie is simply bringing into the open what we have done all along. In the suspicious corners of my distrustful mind, there is a thought that the film plays a role in the continuing acceptance of this type of activity. Oh, there will be an outcry but nothing will really change. In my mind, countless millions of Americans are just fine with torture if it’s all done for “good” and, obviously, “good” is very easy to create.

  2. BillVZ

    A good presentation about a controversy and a controversial film; I did not want to see her previous film but did and was happy I did. Without a review such as presented for this film how can the public form a proper reaction to what the film’s position people said just had to be included?
    Lof ‘hot button’ issues on War in Context to cover these days. I am surprised that the Israel/Palestinian situation and especially the election there have slipped off the marquee. I ran across a very informative interview with a young Jewish scholar about the far right and farther right policies of Israeli politics and Netanyahu’s role that perhaps will shine some light on the importance to the Palestinians and readers of such a farce.

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