Bill Maher: ‘The Israelis are controlling our government’

It might not be Saturday Night Live, but when the well-known and popular host of an HBO talk show, Bill Maher, can say, “the Israelis are controlling our government,” and win a round of applause, it’s clear that truth-telling on the dysfunctional relationship between Israel and the United States is going mainstream. Maher wasn’t taking a wild shot in the dark. He knew his comment would be well received.

For others who still hold back, it’s not that they are unaware about what kinds of views would resonate with ordinary left-leaning younger Americans. It’s a question of whether media figures in the spotlight are willing to catch negative attention in corporate board rooms. Unlike the networks, HBO isn’t beholden to advertisers, so that obviously gives Maher some extra latitude.

The responses of Maher’s panelists were telling. The Daily Caller‘s Jamie Weinstein, clearly aware that he faced an unfriendly audience, seemed to have put himself in a curious position. He was faulting Hagel for saying that the State Department is Israeli-controlled — by implication, other branches of government (e.g. Congress) could more reasonably be described that way. The Democratic Donna Brazile assumed responsibility for changing the subject, while Jon Meacham turned his back on Maher to make it clear there was no way he would get drawn into a discussion on Israel.

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2 thoughts on “Bill Maher: ‘The Israelis are controlling our government’

  1. DE Teodoru

    The Israelis have killed people all over the world, they have put pressure on this government through all sorts of channels on the basis that as Jews, AMERICAN JEWS must obey Israel’s demands because it is the “Jewish State” and as such had the power and right to demand of them whatever is in its interest and they must obey. Of course, if Israel is a DEMOCRACY, then no one government is the voice of the Jewish peole as it changes and it in no way dictates to all Jews.

    I repeat as often as I can: Anti-Semitism is seen as GOOD by the Likud regime as it deems Jews who do not omve to Israel as “PARASITIC JEWS” and denies them to liberties it gives Olims (Jews who moved to Israel). Therefore, it ask of them anything they want and they can’t refuse at risk of becoming “self-hating.”

    No greater mental illness exists like the Holocaust Psychosis for it presumes that there a move move afoot to do to Israel what Hiter did to the European Jews and all Jews are obligated to support Israel as atonement for their sin of NOT moving to Israel. On the other hand, when they come to demand sanity of the Likud regime, it’s answer is swift: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, AMERICANS!

    Since when is America’s fate so tied to psychotics? Since when is the fate of Jews tied to psychotics? And, since when is the fate of Israel– a real state whose reality is recognized by all Arabs and peoples all over the world, Palestinians included. The problem is that ISRAELI EXPANSION is not yet finished. Greater Israel is far, far more than what it is plus the West Bank. If one has any doubts, review the transcripts of the Likud regime’s refusal under Begin to leave the entire Sinai that it occupied in the 1967 war. They used then the same excuses they use now for colonizing the Palestinian territories. Most Israelis are not insane….AND CERTAINLY THE MASS MAJORITY OF JEWS ARE NOT INSANE. But so long as they let the few mad men do what they do to attain “Greater Israel,” instead following a policy of “YOU MUST DO WHAT WE ASK OF YOU TO PRESSURE YOUR GOVERNMENTS BECAUSE THAT’S YOUR DUTY AS JEWS BUT YOU MUST NEVER DARE TELL US WHAT TO DO BECAUSE YOU ARE PARASITIC JEWS BECAUSE YOU ODN’T MOVE TO ISRAEL,” World Jewry is INSANELY bringing closer the next Holocaust through their policy of silence so as to do “no harm.” All Jews owe, not only their homelands loyalty, but also loyalty to their children who deserve to be loyal citizens of their homelands without being driven into an Israeli Government generated Holocaust because it is maneuvering a propaganda campaign of anti-Semitism by incriminating Diasporic Jews as foreign agents. The Israeli demand for the release of one of the worst spies who turned over thousands of US security documents that the Israelis sold to the Soviets and Chinese, is only a maneuver for incriminating American Jews as foreign agents by getting them to prove that, no matter how heinous the crime on behalf of Israel, its spies cannot be punished as implied from their demand that he be released from his life sentence.

    Hagel is known as an American who wants to make the distinction between Israeli and American clear. he does this for his country and his Jewish fellow Americans. For Israel this is just another occasion to fan the fires of anti-Semitsm as it did demanding that American Jews– as Jews– insist on the release of Israel’s criminal spy. The maniacs running Israel should desist from trying to force American Jews from choosing America first over Israel– as they surely will do, proven by the fact that they are here and not there. The silence of today will turn into he scorn of tomorrow…and what will Israel then do when Diaspora Jews tell Likud to go to Hell? Israel is totally dependent on some $10 billions a year from our government. Lose our Jews and Israel will lose that aid. Without it Israel cannot survive. And then the Israeli leaders will all move to “Eurabia”– what they call Europe– to live off their ill gotten Swiss bank accounts. But what of all the brave Sabras who stood by Israel hoping for peace some day?

    The future of Israel is indeed tied to that of Hagel!!!!

    Anti-Semitsm in America will not fill all the slots left unfilled by the Israelis who abandoned Israel seeking a future in the West. For their sake the Likud Maniacs must be denied the means to incriminate and defame America-first mass majority of American Jews!

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