The Zygier Affair: the cover-up

AFP reports: Israeli guards supposedly keeping a round-the-clock watch on a mystery dual nationality prisoner held in isolation failed to notice his suicide for a full hour, a newspaper reported on Thursday.

Although his cell was fitted with four CCTV cameras, the guards did not see Ben Zygier, identified by media as an Australian-Israeli Mossad agent, remove a sheet from his bed and take it with him into the shower cubicle.

“For an unknown reason, none of the guards discerned him doing that,” the Yediot Aharonot newspaper reported.

It said that one camera covered the shower “in a way that allowed for the prisoner’s head to be visible without invading his more intimate privacy.”

“It was only after an entire hour had passed that (the guards) realised that the prisoner was nowhere to be seen in any of the areas picked up by the four cameras, at which point they rushed to his cell, where they discovered his body dangling in the shower stall,” it said.

“They were busy with something else,” an prisons service official told the paper.

“The bottom line is that the prisoner died, and we failed in our job of keeping him alive.”

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One thought on “The Zygier Affair: the cover-up

  1. Norman

    Dereliction of duty, or . . . . . . . ? If he was on suicide watch, seems the guards were either in on the killing or perhaps paid to look the other way. Corruption is a known quality in any & all prisons, no matter what country they’re in.

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