Who said it: Sen. Hagel or the Shin Bet?

Foreign Policy: As he’s been considered for secretary of defense, one of the most persistent criticisms leveled at Chuck Hagel has been that he has been too critical of Israel. His critiques of Israel pale in comparison to those made by Avraham Shalom, Yaakov Peri, Carmi Gillon, and Avi Dichter, former heads of the Israeli intelligence service Shin Bet, interviewed in the new documentary The Gatekeepers. Both Hagel and the former directors of the Shin Bet have voiced some tough love on the subject of Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians and broader Arab world. We’ve picked some quotes from each. Can you guess who said it, Chuck Hagel or a former head of the Shin Bet?

1. “I know about plenty of junctures since 1967 when in my view…we should have reached an agreement and ran away from [Palestine].” [Answer — continue reading…]

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