2 thoughts on “Video: Former Pentagon spokesman defends lying when dealing with Bradley Manning leaks

  1. DE Teodoru

    This guy is an idiot because he thinks being that stupid is good enough..like most of the people in the Pentagon who, like Petraeus, thought themselves such persuasive liars.

    Worthy of note is how Obama Administration covers for Bush, proving that Obama is a lawyer, not a legal scholar. Unless he makes a U-turn fast, he will be remembered as an utter mediocrity who was lucky because the Republicans couldn’t put anyone up against but much WORSE than him mediocrities. When a great power deteriorated, it doesn’t do so quietly but becomes a raging and apoplectic beast in its Novea stage, like a dying star. The ethically and technically low class rule more now than ever as the nation fades into chaos doing severe damage far and wide as it squirms in fits and panic…..To date no one paid the price for not learning from the FIRST WTC incident and all that data acquired. We are left with undignified hayseed answers like the one in this videotape as justification for a democracy turning into self-destructive evil. To date, few talk of LBJ and his administration’s criminals and how they prosecuted Vietnam, instead feigning moral outrage about how Nixon ended our involvement in it. We made a lot of noise about N.Korea seizing the USS Pueblo but said nothing about Israel sinking the USS Liberty. Thank God for foreign news medias as ours is nothing but a bunch of corporate whores. What did Manning do to make him anathema to NYTimes that NYTimes “hero” Daniel Elsberg did not do? When NYTimes objective was “get Nixon,” Elsberg was deemed a saint; when NYTimes goal was start American war with Iraq for Israel’s interests, liar Miller was their heroine. Freedom is BALANCE and it’s been a long time since we had any balance in this nation as Global Corps and foreign interests dominate “all the news that’s fit to print” in America. Manning’s letter will some day become an historic document for high school students (they’ll be literate by then or America will crash) to analyze as example of a real heroes, unlike AC/DC SecDef McNamara who went from killing Vietnamese to jumping in bed with the PAVN generals killing Americans….and he didn’t get court marshaled! Obama will go down in history as the “what you ma call ’em guy who had a real nice First Ladyat his side” rather than a president of any significance.

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