Priceless Colbert on Israel

Stephen Colbert: Our worst fears about Obama were confirmed when he appointed as Secretary of Defense, former senator and man who just learned his dog died, Chuck Hagel.

Hagel has a history of troubling statements. He once said:

The Jewish Lobby intimidates a lot of people…


I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a United States senator.

Clearly, this man does not understand that when it comes to Israel there are certain things you can’t say, for instance, implying that there are certain things that you can’t say. Which there aren’t. You can say anything you want about Israel which I would, if there was anything to say, but there isn’t so there’s nothing to be said.

And how dare Hagel say it.

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2 thoughts on “Priceless Colbert on Israel

  1. pabelmont

    It is nice getting a little air-time for the proposition that “there are things that (in USA politics) you cannot say about Israel”, and, of course, the curtain must be pulled away from the great Oz for the first time by a COMEDIAN.

    Those other clowns in Washington, who abide by the prohibition, may be clowns but they are not (intentionally) funny.

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