Drone war: Out of sight, out of mind

Click on the image above to view the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” interactive graphic on the drone war in which an estimated 3,105 people have been killed in Pakistan of whom only 47 were so-called “high value” suspected terrorists.

A note on the producer of this interactive graphic: It comes from Pitch Interactive, an information visualization studio based in Berkeley, California. Their clients range from AT&T to Google to Fortune Magazine.

“The primary data used in this visualization comes from a dataset maintained by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ)” — which is good because BIJ has compiled more information than anyone else has on the results of America’s drone war.

“This project helps to bring light on the topic of drones. Not to speak for or against, but to inform and to allow you to see for yourself whether you can support drone usage or not.”

Wes Grubbs, the studio’s founder, tweets: “We made this because it had to be made”.

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2 thoughts on “Drone war: Out of sight, out of mind

  1. Norman

    “Because it had to be made”. Too bad the “O” doesn’t view this, but he probably doesn’t care.

  2. delia ruhe

    That is insane. If half that many innocent Israelis had been killed by Hamas rockets, there wouldn’t be a live Palestinian anywhere on earth.

    How many more Muslims have to die before US revenge over 9/11 is sated?

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