Tripoli on edge as fears of additional bombings in Libya escalate

The Daily Beast: Diplomatic missions here in the Libyan capital are observing the strictest security procedures following suspicions that the bombers behind last Tuesday’s blast at the French Embassy have rigged a second car with explosives and are hunting for another high-profile Western target.

Embassy protection teams and private security contractors working with foreign businessmen and nongovernmental organizations are on high alert, and the United Nations compound on the outskirts of Tripoli has introduced onerous security measures and placed severe restrictions on the movement of their diplomats.

The French Embassy wasn’t the only target on Tuesday—the second target was, according to diplomatic sources, the British Council, a government-funded educational body under the aegis of the British Foreign Office. That attack was thwarted by security guards; the bombers were foiled as they were preparing to park a rigged vehicle in front of the compound gate, diplomatic sources say.

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One thought on “Tripoli on edge as fears of additional bombings in Libya escalate

  1. Norman

    Overthrow the dictator, and what takes his place? The American Empire isn’t looking so good, plus there’s call for direct action in another dictator run country. A 4-pete? I thought 3 strikes, you’re out. But then, when it comes to ones legacy, who knows!

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