5 thoughts on “Video: Obama’s speech and the question of drones

  1. Norman

    “O” preaches many things, but seems to not carry through on them, doing the opposite. I suppose it’s convenient for him, then he can blame others for his inept handling.

  2. Ian F Clark

    For fucks sake Norman.

    1. Congress <read the Republicans) have blocked funds for releasing or transferring hundreds of prisoners captured as part of the war on terror.

    2. Drones — efficient, but need close oversight. Note to collaterals, if you sit around at the barbers, you're likely to get your hair cut.

  3. delia ruhe

    These drone strikes constitute murder — murder committed for the purpose of preventing blowback. For me, the question is do we condone or condemn murder committed by the White House?

  4. Norman

    Goodness Ian, I hope your comments/belief holds true if the government or it’s designated agency’s engage in that behavior in the U.S.

  5. Ian F Clark

    I have my NRA sanctioned musket, protected by the 2nd Amendment, to deal with any government sanctioned action. 🙂

    What’s the problem with drones? Must there be a pilot present and mildly at risk to justify attacking terrorists? Or should we wait while they try out in Somalia, say, until they are ready to axe a person in London…or New York.

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