Reports of Anonymous attack on Turkish government

Today’s Zaman reports: Global “hacktivist” group Anonymous has announced a campaign to disrupt communications channels of the Turkish government in response to its handling of the Gezi protests, with reports of two cyberattacks on Sunday.

Turkish media reported on Monday that Anonymous had “managed to take down access” to the Official Gazette, the Turkish government’s journal for publishing legislation and announcements, on Sunday. As of Monday morning, the site appeared fully functional.

An early-Monday attack on the website of the private news channel NTV was also reported. NTV is among the many Turkish media outlets that have been criticized for their scant coverage of the ongoing protests and violence.

Addressed to “citizens of Turkey,” a video apparently posted by Anonymous on Sunday on YouTube and titled “#opTurkey” took aim at the Turkish government’s response to protests against the demolition of İstanbul’s Gezi Park, a small sit-in that morphed into demonstrations involving thousands after police responded with tear gas and water cannon.

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