Will the Israel lobby block Samantha Power’s appointment to the UN?

Even if Samantha Power’s nomination as U.S. ambassador to the UN is not blocked by the Senate, I don’t expect we’ll hear her reassert her view that a resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict will require an imposed solution, including the use of a “mammoth protection force,” or that the U.S. should stop spending billions supporting Israel’s military forces but should instead be investing the same amounts in a Palestinian state. But, what seems certain is that the following clip from a 2002 interview will be reappearing on lots of Zionist websites and that the Israel lobby will kick into high gear to oppose her nomination. Unless, that is, their failure to block Chuck Hagel’s nomination as Defense Secretary has led organizations such as the Emergency Committee for Israel to adopt some tactical changes.

Maybe the White House figures that its opponents will reserve all their venom for Susan Rice, and thus allow Powers to take up office without strong opposition.

Jeffrey Goldberg writes: Just a few months ago, Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and now President Barack Obama’s choice to be the next national security adviser, saw her main chance to become secretary of state dissipate before her eyes, as Senate Republicans (with John McCain and Lindsey Graham in the lead) excoriated her for, as they saw it, misleading the public about the attacks on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year. (My thoughts about the attacks on Rice can be found here.)

Rice was forced to withdraw her name, and Senator John Kerry was awarded the job. Now Rice will be, in effect, Kerry’s supervisor. McCain and Graham, by turning Rice into the scapegoat of the Benghazi debacle, have inadvertently allowed the president to bring her into the innermost ring of power, in a role that requires no Senate confirmation.

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3 thoughts on “Will the Israel lobby block Samantha Power’s appointment to the UN?

  1. Richard Schwartz

    For a very comprehensive analysis by Rabbi Shmuly Boteach, a strong supporter of Israel, of Samantha Power’s views on Israel and related issues, please check out


    Another dedicated supporter of Israel, Martin Peretz, former editor of the New Republic, called Ms. Power a “friend of Israel.”

    In addition, her former teacher Alan Dershowitz, another consistent supporter of Israel, commends Ms. Power.

  2. Norman

    A mammoth protection force, but who will make up such? Billions into investing in the Palestinian state, not to Israels military. Good luck with that. Until the Israeli mindset is changed from “poor me” to “I want to be part of the change”, there wont be any peace.

  3. BillVZ

    Difficult to bite one’s tongue on these two appointments.

    Samantha Power wife of Cass Sunstein- both have been the apple of Obama’s eye and a huge source of influence influence from day one.
    Susan Rice – a John Bolton think alike.
    Reagan’s cabinet, filled with his California cronies was a joke. Bush’s with the PNAC stars a horrendous disaster. Obama’s foundation block is now the Mayor of Chicago. The best and the brightest now follow?

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