New York Times tones down scathing editorial

Politico: The New York Times editorial board has quietly changed the language in the most widely cited line from Thursday’s scathing editorial about the Obama administration’s surveillance of U.S. citizens.

The line — “The administration has now lost all credibility” — was changed Thursday night to read, “The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue.” No correction or explanatory note was appended.

“The change was for clarity’s sake,” Andrew Rosenthal, the Times editorial page editor, told POLITICO on Friday morning. “It was clear from the context of the editorial that the issue of credibility related to this subject and the final edit of the piece strengthened that point.”

It’s hardly surprising. The New York Times’s displays of courage are generally short-lived.

Did they get an angry phone call from the White House threatening to no longer feed officially-approved leaks to the paper’s reporters?

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2 thoughts on “New York Times tones down scathing editorial

  1. Norman

    The last paragraph about officially approved leaks to the papers reporters, yet the same White house indites those who get unofficial leaks, which give that transparency the “O” bragged about to get elected. Power corrupts, so we end up with a corrupted government, from the top down to. . . . . ?

  2. delia ruhe

    …and journalists blame the Internet for the demise of mainstream newspapers.

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