Is America in a death spiral?

Global warming may have caused irreversible damage to the environment; cigarette smoking can cause irreversible damage to the lungs; lead poisoning can cause irreversible damage to a child’s brain; and Edward Snowden’s intelligence leaks have caused irreversible damage to America — at least that’s what NSA director General Keith Alexander claimed today.

Irreversible damage? The end is nigh? Talk about hyperbole!

Edward Snowden has apparently now leaped to the top of the league among threats to America. Did Bush or Cheney or anyone else declare after 9/11 that al Qaeda had caused irreversible damage to America? Not that I recall. And yet a disaffected NSA system administrator has now supposedly caused more harm to America than even Osama bin Laden accomplished.

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4 thoughts on “Is America in a death spiral?

  1. delia ruhe

    A characteristic of a state in a “death spiral” is hyperbole on the part of its high-ranking officials.

  2. Norman

    Isn’t this called CYA? Point the finger @ some-thing/one-else, shout it out loud enough, things will die down. Now that Ms Snowden has purportedly flown Hong Kong for Moscow, perhaps to Equator and asylum, the so called MSM should really go into overdrive with “official leaks” and threats.

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