Former GOP Senator wishes Snowden well and encourages him to persevere

Glenn Greenwald was able to confirm the authenticity of the letter below, written by the former two-term GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire. Greenwald’s post also includes Snowden’s reply.

Mr. Snowden,

Provided you have not leaked information that would put in harms way any intelligence agent, I believe you have done the right thing in exposing what I regard as massive violation of the United States Constitution.

Having served in the United States Senate for twelve years as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, the Armed Services Committee and the Judiciary Committee, I think I have a good grounding to reach my conclusion.

I wish you well in your efforts to secure asylum and encourage you to persevere.

Kindly acknowledge this message, so that I will know it reached you.

Gordon J. Humphrey
Former United States Senator
New Hampshire

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