Video: James Hansen on nuclear power

Hansen’s analysis is (at least to me) quite persuasive. One point where I think it’s questionable is in his assessment of the impact of anti-nuclear lobbying. He fails to mention that opposition to continued research in nuclear technology also serves the interests of the fossil fuel industry and that governments which have moved away from nuclear power are probably acting more in the interests of the oil industry than they are responding to pressure from environmentalists. Environmentalist have leverage neither in terms of money nor votes, so who are the politicians going to listen to?

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One thought on “Video: James Hansen on nuclear power

  1. Anonymous

    China has begun constructing a 200 megawatt fourth-gen reactor. Makes sense given the amount of air pollution the country has a reputation for.

    It will be the less developed nations still stuck on cheaper energy resources. For example, in post-civil-war Sri Lanka, energy projects are coming up in the North (previously LTTE territory). Populations are being displaced, but interest from India and China is allowing for it. Inferior quality coal is being imported, as the existing hydro-power stations will not be able to power the whole country as the North develops. The teardrop of the Indian ocean is allowing foreigners to explore off-shore drilling.

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