As hundreds die in Egypt’s military crackdown, Obama plays golf

The New York Times reports: The death toll from Egypt’s bloody crackdown on supporters of the deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, soared beyond 500 across the land on Thursday with more than 3,700 people injured, the Health Ministry said, in a further sign of the extent and the ferocity of Wednesday’s scorched-earth assault by security forces to raze two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo.

Despite the growing tally of dead, however, Muslim Brotherhood supporters of Mr. Morsi urged followers to take to the streets on Thursday, a day after the assault on the camps set off a violent backlash across Egypt and underscored the new government’s determination to crush the Islamists who dominated the free elections over the past two years.

Mohamad Fath Allah, the Health Ministry spokesman, told the official Al Ahram Web site that the toll so far stood at 525 with 3,717 injured. He said the biggest concentration of killings, numbering 202, had been in the larger of the two protest camps in Nasr City suburb, with 87 recorded in the smaller Nahda Square camp near Cairo University. A further 29 deaths were reported from the Helwan area on the outskirts of Cairo with 207 from other areas around the country. [Continue reading…]

The New York Times reports: The Obama administration on Wednesday condemned the Egyptian military’s bloody crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters, but showed no signs of taking any tough steps, like suspending American aid, in response.

Secretary of State John Kerry said the violence in Cairo was “deplorable” and ran “counter to Egyptian aspirations for peace, inclusion and genuine democracy.” He said the United States strongly opposed the military’s imposition of a state of emergency, calling on all Egyptians to “take a step back.”

But Mr. Kerry announced no punitive measures, while President Obama, vacationing here on Martha’s Vineyard, had no public reaction. As his chief diplomat was speaking of a “pivotal moment for Egypt,” the president was playing golf at a private club. [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “As hundreds die in Egypt’s military crackdown, Obama plays golf

  1. Master Adrian

    Just for the record…… the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as organization WAS regarded as organization that supported democracy in Egypt, when it came to power (by Morsi as President) it turned out to be an ultra-conservative organization with the goal to bring Egypt under sharia rule….. something the Egyptians did not want!

    That the America supported the MB was always stunning and surprising!
    There would be no democracy through the MB, so why support it as America?
    America supported Al Qaida at first and it turned out to be the enemy, was it the purpose to support the MB to create a new situation of war perhaps? The weapon-industry needs sales……
    The fact that Egyptian Army intervenes is normal, the People don’t want the MB as ruling group, so the Egyptian Army acts as executioner of the People’s desire, nothing wrong with that (considering the fact of other customs and values!)
    The followers of the MB were warned that the military would intervene, why remain in the squires, and risk being shot?
    And no, the MB had not accepted any EU-plan, the obstructed what was on the table!

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