Obama’s says events in Syria ‘require America’s attention’

“As difficult as the problem is, this is something that is going to require America’s attention and hopefully the whole international community’s attention.”

“America’s attention” — these are not fighting words. The use of chemical weapons on a large scale — an event that would breach the “red line” Obama drew a year ago — would now (if confirmed) be “troublesome.”

The war-fearmongers need to step down. The United States is not about to enter another war.

As for the false-flag conspiracy theorists, you seem to have a feedback loop stuck in your brains that won’t stop running. The U.S. and its allies have been itching for military intervention in Syria for over two years — they just needed to find that perennially elusive pretext. We’ve had one false flag after another, and another, and another, and another.

If the West was looking for a pretext to invade Syria, wouldn’t 130,000 people killed, four million internally displaced, 1.7 million refugees having fled Syria including one million children, many cities reduced to rubble, and the long-reported existence of chemical weapons stockpiles — wouldn’t all of that add up to a pretext?

Apparently not. And given that human misery on such a vast scale has thus far not led to Western military intervention, what reason is there to believe that the latest in so many events that have swiftly been trumpeted as triggers of war will turn out to be the real thing? How many times can this story keep re-running?

(1 minute 34 second clip preceded by 30 second commercial.)

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One thought on “Obama’s says events in Syria ‘require America’s attention’

  1. Norman

    How many times can this story keep re-running? Seems forever today. That said, citing the carnage that’s taking place in Syria on a daily basis, who is it that started this? Who keeps supplying the weapons? Who seems to only know, one way to make its point of “It’s my way or the highway”, meaning if you don’t do as I say, then your infrastructure will be bombed back into the stone ages, your citizens will suffer untold consequences, death/destruction,etc. I’m not defending the Assad regime, but the West is the one who selectively decides who stays and who goes. One look at a the other countries in the M.E. tells the tale. How many years will this go on and how many years afterward will it take to rebuild???

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