France says would be hard to bypass U.N. in action against Syria

Reuters reports: France’s foreign minister said on Monday no decision had been made yet on whether to take military action against Syria, but doing so outside the auspices of the U.N. Security Council would be problematic.

“It is a problem that will be difficult,” Laurent Fabius told Europe 1 radio.

“International law is defined by the United Nations, but at same time there are countries (on the council) that are blocking (military action)- China and Russia have blocked and would probably block again so it would be a problem…

“In certain circumstances we can bypass it, but international law does exist,” he said without elaborating.

All options on how to respond to the poison gas attack in the Damascus suburbs were still open. “The only one that is not on the table is to not do anything,” he added.

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One thought on “France says would be hard to bypass U.N. in action against Syria

  1. Norman

    One thing seems clear to me, that being, all the stops are being pulled as to suckering the U.S. into launching an attack. Will “O” fall for it? He’s a bigger fool than I give him credit for, if he does.

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