Obama ‘has the right’ to strike Syria regardless of Congress vote, says Kerry

The Guardian reports: The Obama administration indicated on Sunday that it would launch strikes against Syria even in the face of rejection by the US Congress, less than a day after vowing to put an attack to a congressional vote.

President Obama “has the right to do this no matter what Congress does”, said secretary of state John Kerry, one of the leading advocates of a military assault on dictator Bashar al-Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons on 12 neighborhoods outside Damascus on 21 August.

Kerry said the Obama administration’s clear preference was to win a vote in Congress that could occur as early as next week, after Congress returns from its summer recess on 9 September. In an effort to bolster the case that he first laid out on Friday, Kerry said the administration had evidence, independent of UN weapons inspectors, that Sarin gas had been used in the August attacks.

“We are stronger as a nation when we act together,” Kerry told CNN, defending a decision to seek congressional authorization that has stunned Washington and foreign capitals alike. He said he could “hear the complaints” about presidential abuse had Obama not gone to Congress.

But, Kerry said, “America intends to act.” [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Obama ‘has the right’ to strike Syria regardless of Congress vote, says Kerry

  1. bobs

    Kerry’s the best! He sees Obama in a hole. He jumps in and starts digging. Well done!

    A few weeks ago, he told us the Egyptian junta was restoring democracy.

    Not long ago, Kerry announced the freezing of Mubarak’s assets. Only for a spokesman to correct him later “It was Gaddafi!” Mubarak, Gaddafi, what’s the difference? All those Arab dictators are the same…

  2. Master Adrian

    Kerry is what people with brains will refer to as …. an idiot.

    Of course the head of state and the Commander in Chief has the right, even the duty when it concerns the safety of the nation, to order attacking the enemy.

    The difference here is that Syria is not the enemy, and is not attacking the USA, the nation!.
    What Kerry wants is to show muscle, to act as if America is till the super-power that it once was, and to act as if America is the police of the world!
    And that my dear Kerry, is not the case!
    Neither is America, the Nation under attack by Syria, or the use of a chemical weapon by whomever in Syria is a danger to the Nation, and no mister Kerry, and everyone who is as brainless and arrogant as mister Kerry, America is not the police of the world!
    Others have and hold that responsibility, others have the right to make and take decision on matters that effect and or involve the world! And who’s that then you may wonder…. The United Nations!
    And yes, it takes time to decide to retaliate, it takes time to decide on action…. as that is how things work mister Kerry and all those who agree with mister Brainless Kerry!
    And besides, America should keep its mouth shut on the use of chemical weapons…….. Do I have to bring Vietnam back into memory? The use of Agent Orange? The use of napalm on civilians? Must we bring back into memory the sale of chemical weapons to the state of Israel? The delivery of canisters filled with chemical gas to for instance Egypt, Iran, and lately to Turkey?

    America is to be clean its own house before starting to force its so-called values and norms down other people’s throat! And before they have cleaned their own house and backyard of filth, unlawful actions, illegal imprisonments, unconstitutional incarcerations of innocent people, only then the flawed country claiming to the be the only superpower in the world has a right to sit at a table were people are discussing matters of world importance!

    My opinion!

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