Egypt bans Al Jazeera and other satellite channels

Mada Masr reports: An Administrative Court ordered on Tuesday to stop the broadcasting of a number of satellite channels including Al-Jazeera, local media reported.

Other channels banned from broadcasting include Al-Quds, Al-Yarmouk and Ahrar 25 January channels, the state-run Egynews portal reported.

The court also ordered the closure of their offices.

The cases were raised by Mahmoud Farghali, head of the Social Justice Party against the ministers of investment and information, as well as the heads of the channels. The case claimed that the accused have no licenses to broadcast while they have also been broadcasting false information that are conducive to destabilizing Egypt and causing divisions.

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm, a privately owned daily, permits are issued to channels by the ministers of investment, communication and information technology and information. In a joint statement issued last Thursday, these ministers said that Al-Jazeera has no legal document that justifies its work in Egypt. [Continue reading…]

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