Obama has exchanged letters with Iranian president Rouhani

ABC News reports: Obama confirmed publicly for the first time on “This Week” that he has exchanged letters with new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani, who has vowed to act forcefully to prevent any Western military intervention in Syria, using “all efforts to prevent it.”

Obama said he believes his threat to use U.S. military force in Syria, and subsequent pause to pursue diplomacy, sends a signal to the Iranian regime in the ongoing dispute over its contested nuclear program.

“What they should draw from this lesson is that there is the potential of resolving these issues diplomatically,” Obama said.

“I think this new president is not going to suddenly make it easy,” he added. “But you know, my view is that if you have both a credible threat of force, combined with a rigorous diplomatic effort, that, in fact … you can strike a deal.”

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One thought on “Obama has exchanged letters with Iranian president Rouhani

  1. Norman

    Isn’t it time that diplomacy take center stage in this ongoing back and forth? The blunders outweigh the costs, which so far have produced hardships for the Iranian civilian population, at least from what we are told. I presume that the U.S. intelligence is not up to the task, yet they seem to believe that Iran isn’t about to build a Nuclear bomb, as we’ve been repeatedly told by the Israelis for I forget how long. There is a difference between bluster and actually building-testing-deploying such a bomb. All things considered, is the world ready for a Nuclear holocaust?

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