Fox News contributor Dennis Kucinich’s latest interview with Assad

An interview between Dennis Kucinich and Bashar al-Assad took place yesterday (?) and according to Damascus is due to be broadcast this evening. As Kucinich and Assad spoke to each other in English, hopefully there weren’t any problems in translation as happened two years ago when some of Kucinich’s statements were subject to “mistranslations” when published in English by the Syrian Arab News Agency. At that time, Fox News reported:

It’s unclear exactly which statements he claims were taken out of context. It’s also unclear how a mistranslation could have occurred since Kucinich speaks English and the article was written in English.

But that was before Kucinich became a Fox contributor. Maybe Fox gave him a crash course on how to speak English in Syria before this week’s visit.

It looks like — at least from Assad’s perspective — the interview went well:

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