Liwa al Islam issue statement after videos attempt to implicate them in chemical weapons attacks

EA Worldview reports: In an official statement on Thursday, the Liwa al-Islam Brigade accused the Assad regime of deliberately fabricating video footage purporting to show its fighters firing chemical weapons.

The videos, disseminated on YouTube, gained a degree of prominence when blogger Brown Moses wrote about them.

Liwa Al Islam said that the videos were not published on their official channels, were “forged and completely fake”.

“Liwa al-Islam does not have the kind of artillery shown in the videos. Only the Assad regime has this capability. Furthermore, this kind of artillery cannot in any way carry warheads that might be filled with chemical weapons,” the statement read.

The statement later reads:

“In the targeted areas in Ghouta, there was a battalion affiliated with Liwa al-Islam. Ten soldiers of this battalion were killed and around 50 were injured”

Liwa Al Islam accused the Assad regime of also faking a video showing its members beheading soldiers, which it called a “cheap lie”.

“Liwa al-Islam denounces this kind of behavior, and it is not part of its policy to execute detainees,” the group said.

Vowing to continue to fight, the group said,”The world has forgotten all crimes by the Assad regime and focused only on the use of chemical weapons. When the international community makes a deal with Assad to eliminate his stockpile of chemical weapons and then hands him a certificate of good conduct, which puts him in a position to freely continue killing with other means, it becomes a partner in Assad’s murderous crimes.”

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