NSA’s YouTube PR blunder

Alphaville Herald: Strategic blunder is probably the best description of the last week’s decision to publish Jessica Tozer’s 30 minute interview with General Keith Alexander on YouTube [below]. What were they thinking?

After the strangely-edited video was placed in the free-fire zone of open public YouTube ratings, the General has been subjected to continuous withering enemy fire from viewers. Apparently Keith “collect-it-all” Alexander’s vision of NSA unconstitutional blanket surveillance is not popular. As of this writing, the video has 247 “likes” and 14,889 dislikes.

Doesn’t Alexander have someone in PR to advise against this sort of doomed propaganda social media outreach? With a 98% downvote rating, the NSA will need more than a oddly-staged video with narco-ambient background music to persuade the public.

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