Music: Wayne Shorter Quartet — ‘Over Shadow Hill Way’

This clip comes from a French television documentary. For the keen-eyed as you watch this you might be wondering: where did the orchestra go? It happens at 3 minutes 6 seconds. (It doesn’t take keen ears to hear the pitch and tempo transition.)

The film editor, Tal Zana, explains:

My favorite shot is the one that nobody notices when watching the film (which is unfortunately an indicator of a successful effect): the disappearing orchestra behind the bass player, John Patitucci. The idea here was to cut between two performances of the same composition (Over Shadow Hill Way), starting with a full-orchestra rendition and transitioning smoothly to the quartet-only performance. This was achieved by masking the foreground by hand, frame by frame (a couple of days’ work), and then carefully cutting to the close-up shot of Patitucci.

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