Likelihood diminishes for vote on Iran sanctions bill

Greg Sargent: Add two more prominent Senators to the list of lawmakers who oppose a vote on an Iran sanctions bill right now: Patty Murray and Elizabeth Warren.

Murray’s opposition — which she declared in a letter to constituents that was sent my way by a source — is significant, because she is a member of the Senate Dem leadership, which is now clearly split on how to proceed. While Chuck Schumer favors the Iran sanctions bill, Murray, Harry Reid and (reportedly) Dick Durbin now oppose it. This could make it less likely that it ever gets a vote.

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One thought on “Likelihood diminishes for vote on Iran sanctions bill

  1. Norman

    Good for the Ladies. Time to ease back on the warmongering and committing U.S. Military action to this bought and paid for disaster in waiting to happen, at least for the U.S.

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