Bill in Congress would punish academic boycott of Israel

n13-iconElectronic Intifada reports: Weeks after Ambassador Michael Oren, Israel’s former envoy to the United States, suggested it, members of the United States Congress have introduced a bill to punish American universities if their members support the academic boycott of Israeli institutions.

The so-called “Protect Academic Freedom Act” would deny federal funding to any institution that participates in a boycott of Israeli universities or scholars or even whose departments issue statements in support of a boycott.

The proposed law defines “an institution of higher education to be participating in a boycott” if “the institution, any significant part of the institution, or any organization significantly funded by the institution adopts a policy or resolution, issues a statement, or otherwise formally establishes the restriction of discourse, cooperation, exchange, or any other involvement with academic institutions or scholars on the basis of the connection of such institutions or such scholars to the state of Israel.” [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “Bill in Congress would punish academic boycott of Israel

  1. BillVZ

    Following the remarks of a NYT article regarding the waning of AIPACS political power President Obama has raised some question regarding their unchallenged voice of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington .Perhaps just a bit of wishful thinking?Considering the hype that Roskam, Lipinski,two AIPAC funded shills, recieved as they introduced the Ambassador Oren inspired Protect Academic Freedom Act. In December, Oren also demanded repressive laws against those seeking to use boycott tactics to pressure Israel to ends its abuses of Palestinians .Perhaps an international boycott of Israel, no travel, no trade, no discussion, until Israel decides to rejoin the community of civilized nations, might be an appropriate rebuttal.

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