If climate change is a ‘weapon of mass destruction,’ why promote carbon proliferation?

o13-iconZoë Carpenter writes: On Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a call for climate action that attracted considerable attention because of its forcefulness. Speaking in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kerry rebuked climate deniers, referring to them as “a tiny minority of shoddy scientists…and extreme ideologues.” He described the economic costs and catastrophic implications of inaction. Most strikingly, he suggested that climate change is “the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

“It doesn’t keep us safe if the United States secures its nuclear arsenal, while other countries fail to prevent theirs from falling into the hands of terrorists,” Kerry said. Similarly, a serious response to climate change requires that all countries break their fossil fuel addiction. “At the end of the day, emissions coming from anywhere in the world threaten the future for people everywhere in the world,” Kerry said.

Kerry’s nuclear analogy is useful for understanding the Obama’s administration’s climate agenda — and its glaring omission. The plan is built on three pillars: curbing domestic carbon pollution (or, securing our own nuclear arsenal), preparing for the impacts of climate change (building fallout shelters) and leading efforts to address climate change internationally (encouraging disarmament.)

All of that nonproliferation work would be undercut if the US sold weapons-grade uranium to the countries it was asking not to build a bomb. In effect, that is what the United States is doing with fossil fuels. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “If climate change is a ‘weapon of mass destruction,’ why promote carbon proliferation?

  1. eugene

    Old saying, closing the door after the horse is out. I’m an old cynic who figures it’s a done deal. I’ve been watching it happen for 30 yrs and now the climate has gone crazy. Methane releases are continuing to accelerate and, at some point, a massive release will occur. Kiss your sweet a__ goodbye.

  2. Peter Belmont

    QUOTE: There are some that never know how to change. Circumstances my change, but those people are never able to see that they have got to change too, to meet those circumstances. All that they know is the one beaten track that their fathers and grandfathers have followed and that they themselves have followed in their turn. If an earthquake come and rip the land to chaos, and that beaten track now lead over precipices and into morasses, these people can’t learn that they must strike out a new road–no; they will march stupidly along and follow the old one to death and perdition.

    “Joan of Arc”, Mark Twain, 1896 (Harper & Bros.), 1989 (Ignatius Press), p.228.

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