Crimes against humanity: The genocidal campaign of the climate change contrarians

Robert L. Nadeau and Donald A. Brown write: When scientists make presentations at meetings or conferences on the existing and projected impacts of climate change, they describe in jargon laden language and in emotionally neutral terms what their research has revealed about these impacts. But during informal conversations over a few beers during the evening or late at night, these scientists no longer feel obliged to divorce their scientific heads from their human hearts. On these occasions, they use colorful and often profane language to express their disdain and contempt for the small number of scientists known as global warming skeptics who are well compensated by conservative think tanks for misinterpreting and abusing scientific knowledge.

The scientists involved in these conversations also vent their anger toward the oil and energy companies that sponsor massive disinformation campaigns on radio and television designed to convince Americans that their security, peace and economic well-being are utterly dependent on the consumption of increasing amounts of “clean and plentiful” fossil fuels. They say unkind things about the mangers of the American news media for running endless stories about the human suffering and financial losses caused by extreme weather events and saying nothing about the fact that climate change is contributing to the frequency and intensity of these events. But if the conversation goes on long enough and the hour is late, one or more of these scientists will say what the others firmly believe but are reluctant to admit—the fate of the Earth is sealed by the ignorance, lack of compassion, and inexhaustible greed of its human inhabitants and life on this planet for our children and grandchildren will be little more than a brutal struggle for survival.

The reasons why these empirically oriented rational thinkers have come to this dire conclusion are abundantly obvious in recent scientific research on the existing and projected impacts of climate change. This research has not only shown that massive reductions in worldwide emissions of greenhouse gases over the next two decades will be required to prevent the most disastrous impacts of climate change. It has also revealed that if we fail, as now seems likely, to accomplish this feat, there is a high probability that life on this planet for our children and grandchildren will be little more than a brutal struggle for survival. (Hansen et al. 2013) But as the scientists involved in the late night conversations know all too well, this research is largely ignored by the mainstream media, rarely discussed by political leaders and economic planners, and conspicuously missing in the rancorous public debate about climate change.

The usual explanation why this insane situation exists, as climate scientist Michael Mann put it in a recent article in the New York Times, is that there is a “violent strain of anti-science” in this country which “infects the halls of Congress, the pages of leading newspapers and what we see on television.” (Mann, 2014) What Mann did not say in this article but knows very well is that the primary source of this infection is the well-financed, highly coordinated, and very effective campaign of the climate change contrarians.

This campaign began in the 1980s when some of the same scientists that had been paid by the tobacco industry to challenge the scientific evidence that smoking is harmful to human health were hired by oil and energy companies to challenge the scientific evidence about climate change. [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “Crimes against humanity: The genocidal campaign of the climate change contrarians

  1. pabelmont

    American MSM also sometimes seems to ignore itself. Although the NYT ran a useful and long roport on Canadian Tar Sands Oil, which enumerates many current ill effects of GW/CC, the NYT als ran a more recent essay Climate Risk: Worrst is Yet to Come which fails to recognize any urgency about the USA (or world) taking action to stop GW/CC (as far as still possible) in its tracks.

    I’ve fomented against the NYT’s down playing this urgency NYT down-plays Climate Change—but we must not be fooled. and sought publcation, to no avail.

    Yes, it appears that “the fix is in” and the powers that be (including MSM) are determined to keep industrial ‘civilization’ going along its accustomed tracks as long as possible. This is a side-effect, I suppose, in the case of the media, this is a side effect of the decisions taken long ago to serve as megaphones for power instead of opposing power in the name of civil rights, human rights, anti-racism, and environmentalism generally.

    The USA, the media, and much of the powerful in the world are like the engineers on a train rushing along the tracks at ever increasing speed toward a massive brick wall. If the they applied brakes today, the train could be slowed to the point that the impact, now inevitable, would be of managable destructiveness. But they do not apply the brakes, adn the collision becomes (not inevitable, for it had already become inevitable, but) inevitably of horrendous destructiveness.

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