Only a single-state solution will bring peace

Ali Abunimah writes: Let’s go back to basics: The Palestinian people live under occupation and siege in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, as second-class citizens in present-day Israel, and as refugees, as a consequence of the Zionist colonization of historic Palestine that began more than a century ago and continues today.

Efforts to “solve” the situation by creating separate, ethnically homogenous states for the colonizing society, on the one hand, and for the victims of the colonization, on the other — along the lines of apartheid South Africa’s Bantustan system — have failed.

The remaining route to a just peace would be a historic agreement to dismantle this colonial reality; it would transform Israeli Jews from a settler-colonial garrison society, and Palestinians from a subjugated people, into citizens of a common state committed to protecting the rights of all. Painstaking work would be needed to reverse the gross inequalities that are the consequence of the purposeful dispossession of the Palestinians. [Continue reading…]

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1 thought on “Only a single-state solution will bring peace

  1. BillVZ best a token opinion piece by the NYT .A reluctant public admission that the Times is not all bias regards the Israeli/Netanyahu regurgitated spiels. Ali Abunimah is a unique man among many who speak of the real reality issue and not just from the Palestinian side. His book is a clear testament of this and fine read.

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