The malcontents


A number of regular visitors to this site seem disturbed by the fact that they cannot find their own opinions consistently mirrored in the material I post here.

If you like to live in a small world, populated only by ideas, opinions, and information that all meet your approval, this isn’t a site for you.

If you feel the need to be in ideological alignment with the purveyors of the information you consume, this isn’t a site for you.

If you come here only to unburden yourself of the disappointment you experience while here, this isn’t a site for you.

And if you’re an inveterate grumbler, well then, you’ll just have to go grumble some place else.

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5 thoughts on “The malcontents

  1. Paul Woodward Post author

    Yes, anyone can leave a comment, but all comments are moderated.

    What I would encourage anyone to do whether they are leaving a comment here or anywhere else is to pause and think: is what I have to say worth saying?

    I have seen people comment that an article is not worth commenting on, seemingly oblivious to the redundancy of such a comment.

    There are endless variants on the human equivalent of a dog pissing on a telegraph pole — ways of saying: I was here.

    If leaving a comment is like scratching an itch — an activity that gives satisfaction to the itcher and no one else — look for another outlet.

    The desire to be heard is not the same as having something to say.

  2. H.Rust

    It seems that you don’t really like contrary comments. War in Context happens to be one of the purveyors of information that I consume, for years. I assume that you also ponder the question, ” is it worth publishing”, when choosing the various articles in your valuable newsletters. You must surely be aware of the fact that some of the material published is nothing but demonising propaganda in the eyes of some of your readers. The desire to be heard exist parallel with having something, anything to say, as you must well know.

  3. Paul Woodward Post author

    If I regarded anything I posted here as nothing more than demonizing propaganda, I wouldn’t be posting it. If you regard some of the material as demonizing propaganda, that’s your problem, not mine.

    I don’t have a problem with contrary comments. I do have a problem with commenters who adopt a patronizing tone in what I regard as their vain hope that they can provide guidance to an editor who they feel has gone astray.

    If I believed that everything I was posting met the approval of everyone who regularly visited this site, then I think that running this site would be a waste of effort.

  4. H.Rust

    Please don’t assume that the commentator who might not have the polished command of the English language, is necessarily patronising or trying to influence you. Commentators are merely exploiting the beauty of the internet, that they can read what they wish and that they can talk back if they wish. Otherwise, lets just read books, and you know what junk mostly gets published. The few exceptions are bought by people who know what they will get. I’d say, keep up the interesting variation (Michel Foucault was one) and live
    with the commentators, patronising or not.

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