The Pentagon tossed millions of dollars into the trash

Matthew Gault reports: Over the past four years, the Defense Department’s logistics agency threw away a significant portion of the spare parts it purchased via a $21-million contract with the manufacturer of a lifesaving armored vehicle.

The parts were for the Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected trucks, which are specially shaped and reinforced to deflect the blasts from buried and roadside bombs. Starting in 2007, the Pentagon purchased tens of thousands of the high-tech vehicles at a cost of $49 billion.

The Defense Logistics Agency handles spare parts worth billions of dollars for the thousands of MRAPs in Afghanistan and elsewhere. In 2010, the DLA placed a parts order with Navistar Defense, the weapons arm of an Illinois truck-maker that produced thousands of MRAPs.

The long-term contract, which is ongoing, has cost taxpayers $21 million. But according to one DLA worker, many of the parts never arrived, showed up in the wrong packaging or were surplus to requirements. [Continue reading…]

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2 thoughts on “The Pentagon tossed millions of dollars into the trash

  1. Norman

    W@hat happened to the rest of the story? It doesn’t continue, trying the [Continue reading…] tab at the end of the story. Not the first time this happened.

  2. Paul Woodward

    The links are fixed.

    “Not the first time this happened.” Probably not the last.

    Some people come to this site every day, never make a donation, and then complain about the quality of service they are receiving! That’s what amazes me.

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