General Military Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries: ‘We are stronger than ISIS’

Former General Muzhir al Qaisi, spokesman for the General Military Council of the Iraqi Revolutionaries, which controls Mosul alongside ISIS, when interviewed by the BBC said that his forces follow the Geneva Conventions whereas ISIS are “barbarians.” He also noted that with no more than 1,000 fighters, ISIS is not capable of controlling Mosul. He said that ISIS is only trying to apply sharia in one neighborhood but that the residents refuse that kind of rule and the local imams will not allow this to happen.

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  1. Mustafa says:

    The General Military Council of the Iraq Revolutionaries are Saddam’s Baath people—same ol’ same ol’ Arab dictatorship.

  2. Paul Woodward says:

    Right. So with ISIS in its marriage of convenience with Baathists in Iraq what reason to doubt that it has been operating in Syria with the tacit support of Assad?